Monday, September 22, 2003

I'm working with Karen R to fix up our pledge drive procedures. We'll reviewing all our ecommerce process with Paypal and our credit card company.

And we launching "annual subscriptions" which come with a range of services for our folks.

Please Give! to the Pledge Drive.
Google Toolbar Installed

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Digital Divas - A Network of Digitally Gifted Women: "Digital Divas is a growing network of the finest females that make magic on the Internet. Our members are talented, artistic, intelligent, and ethical females who aren't intimidated by the latest technology... in fact, we welcome it and even help to create it. We love computers and we spend endless hours on them... using our talents to produce some of the finest work found on the World Wide Web. Each member is blessed with her own unique gifts and we are joining together to grow and learn... to share ideas, offer encouragement, promote ethical standards, and to give of ourselves through our work.
We are adding many new and exciting features to our site and we hope you'll enjoy them all. Visit our members section for hours of surfing pleasure; Our D'Zine offers interesting articles on just about any computer-related issue you can think of - ranging from serious to hilarious. The great free downloads will knock your socks off! Check the resources page for links to many other great sites. The rest of our site will be completed soon, as well as several new features coming in the near future. Please check back again soon - and you can also join our mailing list so you'll be informed as our site grows!"

Friday, August 15, 2003

Poor biffster, rejected by google's adsense. Hang in there, biff!
Corpus Christi web design/development, marketing, graphic design, logos, networking: "Originality. Our web artisan, Melinda Robinson, will work with you to give your web presence just the ambience you're looking for. No cookie cutter sites here.
Technology. We use the latest software from design powerhouses such as Adobe and Macromedia to create stunning custom graphics, logos, and animations to give your site a 'one of a kind' feel.
Compatibility. At Dragon Spirit we check for compatibility with the latest versions of all the popular browsers. We even go a step further and check for compatibility with different screen sizes to ensure that ALL of your potential customers will have a wonderful experience.
Feel. At Dragon Spirit we understand that your business is more than just bricks and mortar. That's why we don't have developers or coders -- we have a web artisan who blends art and technology to bring your business' personality to the web.
Maintenance. We understand that in today's fluid business environments, needs change. Moreover, we understand that people just don't want to see the same thing each time they visit. With our flexible maintenance plans we allow you to stay ahead of the pack by publishing your latest news, events and sales."

Very professioally done websites!

Thursday, August 14, 2003 : conspiracy theories, art, free, propaganda, ascii
Rebecca Pratt Literary Group: "We are a group of writers, agents and editors who think the whole universe revolves around books. We love books. We love reading them, writing them, editing them and helping them get into print. We have eclectic tastes and are open to manuscripts of any genre."
Charlotte WebPROS - Web Design and Internet Consulting: "Clever Puzzles
Best-Selling Author Book Collection Website

Pat Battaglia, former rocket scientist turned best selling author engaged our web marketing team redesigned his website to incorporate a more professional look and to better focus on his books. HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready. "

Our Main website is - we are a full service internet project management company. We architect web sites and web applications for small, medium, and large companies. Our portfolio page shows our smaller client websites. Our larger clients include Bank of America and BB&T

Raechel DeLargy Curiel, MCP+SB
Senior Architect
Charlotte WebPROS

deceptive|sound austin,tx: "Deceptive Sound creates full sound design and music projects, whether it's singer-songwriters, commercial jingles, full radio commercials or corporate CDs. Our specialty is Austin's Americana sound -- acoustic guitars, harmonicas, electric slides, slapped brush snares and standup bass. But we welcome all musical styles, as well.

Need a full blown radio campaign? No problem. Owner Mike Jasper has a background in journalism as well as music. We can record the music, write the script, and produce it all by your deadline. Take a listen to what Deceptive Sound recently created for the North Platte Bulletin.

Need to make a CD for your singer-songwriter project? We can produce your record with bass, drums, vocals, guitars, keyboards -- anything you want. And if you need session players, we can set you up with some of the best studio musicians in Austin. Would you rather play everything yourself? That'll work. With up to 32 tracks, you can produce almost anything you want (unless you're Todd Rungren, of course)." || technology and culture, from the trenches: "
A defense of Michael Moore and 'Bowling for Columbine' (Op-Ed)

By Eloquence
Wed Aug 13th, 2003 at 09:00:09 AM EST

This is an open letter to David Hardy, author of Bowling for Columbine: Documentary or Fiction?, probably the most comprehensive among many rebuttals of the Oscar-winning documentary. Critics have now gone so far as to call for the revocation of the award. Their chances are small, however, as their arguments rely on polemic, exaggeration and misrepresentation -- in other words, on the same techniques which they accuse Moore of using.
Dear David Hardy,
It is fascinating to watch the organized character assassination of Michael Moore that has been going on in the United States since the release of his last documentary. In a time of simple-minded patriotism, loud, clear and dissenting voices like Mr. Moore's are perceived as disturbing and have to be silenced, partially through well funded public relations campaigns, partially through conservative 'grass-roots' propaganda. Not surprisingly, much of the criticism of Moore's film is misguided or outright wrong, often vastly more inaccurate than Moore's work itself.
Full Story (424 comments, 5081 words in story) "
InfoWorks! Portfolio

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The Tree Maker - family tree charts with coat of arms or crest: "Let The Tree Maker create and design a family tree chart with the ancestry of your surname origin and last name meaning on a beautiful genealogy chart. Using unique templates, diagrams, and drawings, we have worked hard to create a variety of blank family tree charts. Like this family tree example of a 9-generation fan shaped wall chart that will display over 500 names of your family genealogy, with your family coat of arms and surname meaning, or a quaint 4-generation family tree chart form with a family crest. Each sample or diagram make great gifts."
Small business web site design. Professional web site design company in Ft Worth Texas: "Small business web site design.
Professional web site design company in Ft Worth Texas"

Kathie Wooley, what do you think of our Spring Family of Websites at
'Blaster' master sought by FBI - The Washington Times: Business
ProWorkflow --- Job Book - Task - Time Management

Will someone download and try this and get back to us?

v2.0 just came out. -

Manage your Jobs, Tasks, Time, Contacts, Notes & More!
ProWorkflow is an easy, efficient, and accurate way for businesses to manage their jobs, tasks and time, anytime, anywhere. ProWorkflow offers a simple, yet powerful web-based solution, which can be customized to your companies specific needs
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design A demo of what can be done visually with CSS based design. Select your own style sheet and load it on to the page.
Windowpane Home Page

Sure, it's ok to put a link from the to Im not sure what category windowpane should fall under. I have a few developer tools, and take contract assignments in the Redmond Wa area. One of the tools I have is the AimlBot, which is a programmable chat bot. You can interact with it by following the Attendant link (talk to Borris). I need to rewrite the AIML (the language used by the chat bot) to be more appropriate for a dev tools website, I just used the out-of-box AIML provided by Richard Wallace ( If any of your patrons are intersted in putting an attendant on their site, the tool is free and I can answer quesitons on using it.

I also have a few / Office 2003 extensiblity projects in the works, as well as some webservice tools. This is more B2B and focuses on XML Business and Financial Reporting standards used by financial orginizations and Federal Agencies (SEC & IRS).


:: Welcome To Tina's Takes ::

Tina's Takes is my personal site, which is barely there as I am redoing it in Hand Drawn Country Graphics...

Here are some of the URL's that I Designed and Maintain :
(designed by Daring Dezines which is my design company)
(designed by Black Hills Creations, again my company but this company was co-owned by my ex husband and so I maintain the contracts now as Daring Dezines )
( another one designed by Black Hills Creations , maintained by me- I
believe that this site is having server problems, I have been unable to login to it today...have a support ticket in now )

editors note we have a cure for those "server problems"!
(My new business site, which I have neglected severely and done nothing more than develop a template for no links work as of yet)
(my personal site)

Note, that on all of these sites I am the Graphics Artist as well as the HTML Coder, and I maintain my status as web designer even though I have changed my business name.

Tina Starnes
Daring Dezines
BlackHills Creations

AMM Tech Enterprises Electronics for your Car, Boat and Home!
We primarily sell Telephones for the deaf and
hearing imparied, do you have such a listing?

Lena Carvalho, Web Designer
AMM Tech Enterprises
3909 Holt Dr
Austin TX, 78749

Tollfree: 877-426-6832
Phone: 512-282-3116
Fax: 512-282-5774

Helen Epp's Webgirl Village

Helen Epp's Webgirl Village

support the training and apprenticeship of a webgirl with your donation!

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Web Girl, Helen Epp

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Webgirlvillage is currently assisting
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your webdesigner for your web project.  If you are interested in helping on please contact Helen

Web "Catch of the Day":

- "A blog journal with great accessibility from a good writer who seems to
be well rounded and fun." - Helen Epp

7/15/03  Kreps,
- Netingenuity
Austin Texas
based web designer 

7/16/03 BobNagy
Bob is a master of photographic banners, an ace photographer, videographer
and rf engineer

7/17/03 weblogsky
Jon Lebkowsky with his partner Jeff Kramer does environmentally and
politically conscious websites, they did the original wholefoods

7/18/03 The
one of the net's first virtual communities, Austin based

7/19/03 SXSW
Austin, Texas mega gathering of film makers, bloggers,
webbed types, musicians, sign up now at a lower rate.

7/18/03 webgrrls
Webgrrls International. 
Yusupova says, "Good networking consists of practicing good communication
skills on a consistent basis and being ready to use those skills in any
situation, not just at conventions or when you're unemployed. But the most
important thing is to follow up, otherwise a casual conversation will never lead
to a business relationship."

7/17/03 Charlotte
Typical webgrrl local chapter, there are many more.

7/16/03 herdomain
of Austin
Her Domain is an online community. As subscribers to the
Her Domain email list, women in the Austin and surrounding areas help each other
to find jobs, find employees, compare notes on their respective trades, and
learn from each other in an unintimidating environment. contact HD president
Minnie Rangel at

7/15/03 liquid
 Free Web Site Designer! 

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The Spring Family of Websites.  Some of these sites need
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Roger Didios story of the
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movie or tv part Jane Austen center of the
webverse An
Austencentric weblog What the
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Bill Johnson is a
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Flaherty Colin Firth premier site of Karen
Rosenberg mirror of Fleece Clothing ecommerce
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Arkansas Ecommerce - what do you
have to sell?
The movie starring Colin Firth Linda Curtis Texas
Independent group. Jeff Monks, System Admin Jan Hooks from Saturday Night
Live Bill Johnson in Texas
Chainsaw Massacre 2 Lemurian Jade the stone,
the rock Russian quartz for
sale and the mystical story behind it Jane Ann Dow Dpark's future site, the
people in to adventure travel and nature
Love Is in the Earth is Ames Doty's rock shop
Max Nofziger is our
candidate for Mayor of Austin 2003
enabling responsibility in the political community The Springs own "wolfie"
who prowls our conferences
Fritz Blau's skateboard
school and Austin, Texas postering business same as
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for her "little books" they are astonishing works Koti Nandipati's website Helping the worlds orphan
children The Spring's software company,
synchronize your Microsoft Outlook Largest collection of
Presbyterian links in the world Indian goods and incense
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sacred quartz website.  Jane Ann Dow. Save our world's native seeds and
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Microsoft Outlook Stones, gems, minerals, rocks,
meteorites, jewels..  News, links, storefront Suzy Amis was one of the stars in
Titantic tenorite is an interesting
choice, says Michael Flaherty - more rocks and stones Art for your home or office A site needing a
purpose and some content A charity site to
help the world's native people and culture What's on tv tongiht? What shows on tv do you like?
The Walhus, Frauenthal, King, Ebsworth, Cinder Family website
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We barter goods on the Net Just what it says,
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