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bulletWeb Accessibility Initiative   - Guidelines and resources from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

bulletAccess.Edu - This site is dedicated to the dissemination of information pertaining to the universal accessibility of Web-based course materials, particularly for persons with disabilities.
bulletAccessibility Guide - A guide designed to help webmasters comply with web accessibility guidelines, with special emphasis on HTML techniques.
bulletAccessible eLearning For All - The ALFA Project is being developed to allow educational content providers to create eLearning on any subject and in any language.
bulletAccessible Web Authoring Resources and Education Center - The AWARE center is a resource developed by the HTML Writer's Guild to assist all web writers to create more accessible web sites.
bulletAccessible Web Design - Articles supporting the campaign for making the web universally accessible.
bulletAccessible Web Page Design - List of resources for building accessible websites.
bulletAccessible Webpage Design: Resources - Site created to promote awareness about the need for accessible web design and to steer those who wish to learn more about the topic into the right direction. - Tools, links and resources on Website accessibility.
bulletAdaptive and Assistive Technologies for Individuals with Disabilities - SynapseAdaptive is a provider of integrated accessible solutions for individuals with disabilities. Synapse ADA Workstations provide access to blind, low vision, mobility impaired and learning disabled users in the workplace or academic setting.
bulletAdobe - Accessibility - Learn how to make your site more accessible when using Adobe software.
bulletAiSquared - Developers of tools for seeing or hearing content from your computer.
bulletALT texts in IMG - Detailed techniques for using the ALT tag.
bulletAmericans With Disabilities Act Information - The US Dept. of Justice's resource page for the ADA. Voluminous, and not limited to computer and Internet issues, but at least it should be fairly authoritative, if you're willing to wade through the material.
bulletCampaign for Accessible Web Sites - Site created to offer free advice and information for webmasters who want to make their sites accessible to all.
bulletColor-Blind Design Evaluation - This online tool shows you what your sites and colors look like to color-blind people. Also, find out about the different types of color-blindness.
bulletCould Helen Keller Read Your Page? - Technical tips on improving the accessibility of a web page.
bulletDesign Your Web Content for Accessibility - Short article by Bryan D. Caplovitz covering audience, guidelines, and validation.
bulletDesigning More Usable Web Sites - Research and links from the Trace Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
bulletDive into Accessibility - A comprehensive 30 day guide to making your website more accessible. Can be downloaded as a PDF.
bulletEscoTalk - A free program to assist sight-impaired users to access web sites. Contents are spoken and displayed in a user selected font.
bulletFreedom Scientific - Developer of JAWS for Windows Screen Reader and MAGic Screen Magnification Software.
bulletFrontend Usability Engineering and Interface Design - An article on accessibility, including reasons to create an accessible web site and common causes of inaccessible design.
bulletGovernment of Canada: Accessibility - Official standards and guidelines for Government of Canada Web sites, as part of the Treasury Board's "Common Look and Feel" initiative.
bulletHenry's Hints on Web Access - Discusses the invisible image techniques for text only browsers. - Information on web accessibility, usability and web standards.
bulletIBM Accessibility Center - Information on IBM's 'accessible' products and services.
bulletInternet Captioning Professionals - Internet captioning of live audio and video webcasts for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals or anyone requiring instantaneous voice-to-text conversion.
bulletIntroduction to Accessible Web Design - Article introducing accessible Web design and initiatives to improve accessibility. - Accessibility info and Weblogs from the writer Joe Clark
bulletMacromedia - Accessibility - Learn how to make your site more accessible when using Macromedia software.
bulletMaking Your Web Content Accessible - Essay on the 'case for accessibility'.
bulletMicrosoft - Accessibility - Information about Microsoft accessibility products and services. - Advice, guides and reviews from web accessibility specialist, Matthew Ogston.
bulletRemote Captioning - Remote captioning over the Internet of live events for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals or anyone requiring instantaneous voice-to-text conversion.
bulletRetroAccess - Website evaluation/correction tool that checks your website code against accessibility standards and guides you through the repair of problems.
bulletRNIB Campaign for Good Web Design - Royal National Institute for the Blind's campaign for accessible web design. - Official website for Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.
bulletSelf Direction Community Project - Providing online disability awareness training.
bulletSimplified Web Accessibility Guide - Simplfied information related to web site accessibility. Provides a useful introduction and overview for beginners to the subject.
bulletTunna-resources - Website design tips for new and disabled webmasters.
bulletUI Access - Resource for universal interface design and accessibility that provides techniques to support developing and implementing strategies.
bulletUnBounded Access - Provider of web accessibility technology, services and research.
bulletUsability First - Accessibility - Includes background information on Accessibility and lists computer related accessibility aids according to types of disability.
bulletViewable With Any Browser - Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW. Resources, more information and links about this effort.
bulletVischeck - See the world as color blind people see it. Also simulates the effects of distance and different monitor types.
bulletThe Wave - Helps you check if your page is accessible to people with disabilities. New version includes tests for section 508.
bulletW3C HTML Validation Service - A free service from W3C that checks HTML and XHTML code against the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines.
bulletWeb Accessibility and Universal Design - List of resources based around accessibility issues, guides, check lists and legal issues.
bulletWeb Accessibility Survey - Some data collected on the accessibility of college and university web pages.
bulletWeb Accessible Design - Includes 10 Step Guide to Web Accessibility and useful tips for making forms, frames and hyperlinks more accessible.
bulletWeb Alert - Campaign for an independent and accessible WWW for everyone regardless of the browser that they use.
bulletWeb sites are locking out the disabled - Office buildings have wheelchair ramps and TV has closed captioning, but many Web sites are inaccessible to people with disabilities. Things don't have to be that way.
bulletWebAble - Provides accessibility related internet resources and categorised links.
bulletWebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind - Information, training, resources, guidelines and standards for Web accessibility and disability access to the Web. - Listing of web companies that have been awarded a kite mark for considering the disabled user.

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