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bulletAssociation of African American Web Developers - Promotes camaraderie, collaboration, and professional growth among people of color in all phases of web development and design. Features a design workshop, forum, classified section, and directory of members.
bulletAssociation of Ethical Internet Professionals - An international association of web businesses pledged and dedicated to ethics and honesty in their business practices. Certified members display logos which help shoppers find websites that are safe to shop. Member-only resources also available to help draw more traffic to member websites.
bulletAssociation of Internet Professionals - Serves as a forum for the ideas, people and issues shaping the future of the Internet industry. Member benefits include current news, industry research, legislative resources, and career placement.
bulletBusiness Certified Web Designers and Developers - Features various methods to search their directory and find web designers and web developers.
bulletChicago Creative Coalition - The Chicago Creative Coalition (C3) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the professional growth of its members, creatives in the communication arts field.
bulletThe Digital Divas - A network of digitally talented women on the Web. Articles, tutorials, software reviews, free downloads.
bulletGood News Web Designers Association - Group advocating professionalism and Christian principles in web design work. Membership privileges include a free online course for improving your web site.
bulletInternational Alliance of Web Developers - Dedicated to the global, economic, professional and creative advancement of the Web. Membership benefits include a professional certification program, access to industry reports, online seminars, and networking opportunities.
bulletInternational Association of Web Masters and Designers - A worldwide association of students and professionals in all Internet-related fields. Promotes growth through polling, informational networking, and other activities. Presenter of the Golden Web Award.
bulletInternational Council of Online Professionals - Members build customer trust and credibility by placing an iCop seal of membership on their site.
bulletThe International Web Page Awards - Independent festival of graphic artists and web designers meeting to judge and evaluate each others creativity on the internet.
bulletInternational Webmasters Association - A global network of official chapters dedicated to supporting the needs of its members. Educational, self-development, idea sharing, and professional contact development.
bulletInternet Advertising Bureau - Global nonprofit group open to companies actively engaged in the sale of interactive advertising and marketing. Membership features IAB events, research tools, industry news, and a newsletter.
bulletInternet Professional Publishers Association - Comprised of leading new media and commercial designers, encourages the growth of high quality internet solutions. Very visual and graphic-oriented.
bulletMultimedia Internet Network - A professional community assisting in the online interaction of startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, business advisers, and students. Features job listings, news, promotional development, scholarships, and a wide array of financial resources.
bulletReal Web Pros - Features a directory of professional web designers, web developers, and web graphic artists. Includes contact information and related areas of expertise.
bulletTrophySites.com - Non profit association for Web business professionals and companies that do business on the Internet. Features Web related articles, Web designer showcase and Internet product reviews.
bulletUS Internet Industry Association - Provides education on Internet and technology issues, advocates effective public policy for the Internet, and offers its members essential business news, information, support, services, and access to an extensive legislative database.
bulletWeb Design and Developers Association - Features industry news and web hosting packages.
bulletWeb Design and Development Technology Discussion and Promotion - Neverwillbes.com believes in the promotion and discussion of developing and designing high-quality web applications.
bulletWeb Developers Association of America - Web designer organization features a member directory of web designers, web developers, and web graphics designers. WDAA membership accepts only legitimate business entities located in the United States.
bulletWeb Producers Organization - A professional organization for producers and project managers of interactive and web-based projects including public web sites, intranet sites, and web-based applications.
bulletWebbies Coolmaps - Connects web developers to the global market through a geographic locator.
bulletWebmaster's Guild - A place for webmasters to list their availability for hire.
bulletWise-Women - Resource for female (and male) web designers, developers and programmers, featuring tips and tutorials on a variety of web related subjects. Features several mailing lists including one for Java script.
bulletWorld Association of Internet Marketers - Provides resources for search engine optimization, email marketing, banner advertising, and domain name strategies.
bulletWorld Organization of Webmasters - Offers education, mentorship, online training, technical support, employment information, and Internet legal guidance.
bulletWorld Wide Web Consortium - International industry consortium founded in 1994 whose purpose is to develop specifications, guidelines, software, and tools to promote the Internet's evolution and ensure its interoperability.
bulletWWW Chamber Of Commerce - Dedicated to supporting ethical, responsible businesses on the Internet.

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