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bulletAll Them Pages Free Guestbooks - Custom design, site rating, filters and comments.
bulletAlx' Guestbook Service - Create a free, customizable guestbook for your homepage. One banner per page.
bulletDreambook - Free Guestbook Server.
bulletFree - A free guestbook service with a good looking website, but a slightly confusing service. Very easy to setup, one banner per page.
bulletFree Guestbook for your website! - Free services provided.
bulletFree Guestbook Net - Free and customizable with email and language support.
bulletFree Guestbooks - Free with tutorial provided.
bulletFree Guestbooks Directory - Directory of free guestbooks services for web sites.
bulletFree Services from Escati - A free guestbook service which allows you to host the sign page on your server. The view page has 5 banners and 7 smaller buttons.
bulletFree-Cgi: Guestbook - Free and easy to customize guestbook service. One banner per page.
bulletFreeGuestbook - Get a free guestbook for your webpage and customize it with options such as background wallpaper, back link, midi music, text colors, email notification and language filter.
bulletGlobalGuest Guestbooks - Get a free guestbook for your webpage and customize it with options such as background images, back link, midi music, text colors, change and add fields, email notification and language filter. Lots of other great features such as statistics and advanced settings to personalize your guestbook.
bulletGuestBook 3000 - A guestbook with a confusing signup process that is limited to a 30 Day free trial. After that there is a small annual payment.
bulletGuestBook - - Offers profanity filters, security options, and automatic email responder services.
bulletGuestbook Central - Free and customizable.
bulletGuestBook Giant - Multiple guestbooks under one account.
bulletGuestbookApp - Free server-based guestbook application for web sites and personal use from - You can decide what information is important with fully customizable fields and options. - One of the oldest guestbook services on the web, with a wide range of customization abilities. - Free website guestbooks without CGI.
bulletGuestbooks Australia - Allowing unlimited HTML, extra form fields, choice of language, reply or remove messages, over 25 customizable fields including fonts, dividers, buttons.
bulletGuestCity - Banning, customization, admin login, private messages.
bulletGuestOne - Free customizable guestbook with options such as background images, fonts, colors and customized language. One banner per page, basic layout and guest deletion functions.
bulletGuestPAD Guest Book Service - An easy to use guest book service.
bulletGuestPage - Free guestbook service with unlimited entries, auto-reply via email, rude word filter and a choice of 20 different display layouts. One banner per page. - Free guestbook service with management facilities. Two adverts per page plus one small advert per entry of the first 2 entries. Adverts can be customised to advertise the owner's banners.
bulletGuestWorld - One of the first and most successful free guestbook services, but not always the best. Part of the Lycos Network. Two banners and several links to guestworld per page.
bulletHomePage Tools Guestbook - Create fully functional guestbook to use for your site. Change the look and the feel as if your visitors never leave your site. Reports of accounts being deleted. One banner per page.
bulleticGuestbook - Examples, customizable and filters available. Guestbooks - A simple, easy to administer guestbook with some customization possible. Text links as advertising. - Custom entries, time frame, text and background colors. - Online editor to customize guestbook without HTML programming. No ads to display. Free 30 day trial.
bulletLemNet Guestbooks - Provides free guestbooks for anyone who wants them. Includes customizable questions and colors. Integrated with a banner exchange, leaving the equivalent of 1 banner per page.
bulletMiatrade Free Guestbooks and Web Counter - Free Guestbook for your homepage, get feed back from your visitors. Find out your users opinions by using our Guestbook Server on your Site. Standard services with customizable colors and one banner per page.
bulletMilcoBook - Offers free, banner-less guestbook services. Includes demo, FAQ, and member login area.
bulletMyXavier - A free, hosted, membership-based, guestbook. - A free Guestbook service with good customization options. One banner per page.
bulletOur World of Links Guestbooks - A collection of guestbook links that have been collected throughout the internet. - Free Guest Book service, which includes a 'Quick Message Guide', a choice of background or use your own, Anonymous voting for your home page.
bulletScripthost Guestbook - A free highly customizable guestbook hosted for your site with no banners. Customize colours, fonts, titles, and header text. Option for email messages to be sent when it is signed. - Customizable design offered.
bulletSlamBook! - A free guestbook service that enhances your web page by letting your visitors tell you more about themselves, helping to build a community around your web page. Users answer multiple choice questions instead of leaving comments, four banners per page. - Get your own free and highly configurable Guest Book.
bullet1-2-3 WebTools - Make a webpage interactive with free guestbooks, message forums, e-mail forms, free for all link pages, e-mail forms.

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