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This category is for sites that offer multiple free services that are of use to web designers and developers.

Please ensure that you are offering a free service before submitting to this category. Also make sure that your web site doesn't fit into one of the subcategories.
Common Mistakes

Sites offering free...

Content should be submitted to

Counters should be submitted to

Guestbooks should be submitted to

Hosting should be submitted to

Messageboards should be submitted to

Polls and surveys should be submitted to

Search engine submissions should be submitted to

Web design should be submitted to

Counters and Trackers

The Web Counter category is an index of remotely-hosted counter services and includes both advertising-based and higher quality premium counters. The index covers a wide range from basic hit counters to advanced web trackers.


Sites offering e-cards directly to visitors will not be listed here, and should be submitted to the appropriate category under Computers/Internet/E-mail/E-greetings.

Sites offering software for download will not be listed here, and should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Computers/Software/Internet.

Hosted services for sites that provide e-cards and e-greetings services for the site's visitors.


This category is intended for people operating a hosted guestbook service. This means your customers link to your website, where their guestbook is stored.

If you have a script for people to run their own guestbook then please the the CGI Scripts sub-category. This means a server-side application in a language such as Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, C/C++ or ASP.

If you have a guestbook on your page, but do not provide guestbooks for other websites, then this category is not for you. Please find a category more related to your main content.

more information (editors only)

Guestbooks allow visitor to your page to leave comments and information about themselves and read information left by other visitors, they are a good way to get visitor feedback.

Choosing a hosted service (listed in the main category) involves less work than a script-based solution (see CGI Scripts sub category), but you will usually have to put up with their banner advertisements and have less flexibility. You are also dependent on the continued availability of their service. Many cheaper webhosting services also do not allow you to run CGI Scripts, limiting you to a hosted solution.

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