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bulletAffiliate Summit Marketing Conference 2004 - Affiliate marketing conference taking place June 24-28, 2004 aboard a cruise ship departing New York City to Nova Scotia back to New York City.
bulletAffStat - Affiliate Marketing Benchmarks - Affiliate marketing survey covering statistics, as well as issues relevant to affiliate managers, such as staffing, planning, and management.
bulletInternet Affiliate Marketing Association (iAfma) - Community of consumers, affiliates, merchants, business owners, affiliate managers, consultants, webmasters, entrepreneurs, affiliate networks, solutions, resources and event producers.
bulletParasiteWare - Software that consists of adware that serves ads and hijacks affiliate links. - Software that is ripping off webmasters that work with affiliate programs.
bulletThiefWare - Unethical use of eZula TopText, WhenU, Gator, and other Internet technology and software in affiliate marketing.

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