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bulletAdvertise Globally - Pay-Per-Click search engine that submits it listings to over 450 other pay per click search engines.
bulletAh-ha - Includes special Logolink listings for additional company branding. - lists advertisers' site in our search engine to receive visitors at a cost-per-click basis, as low as $.05 per click, and distributes results to a varitey of other search engines and affiliates.
bulletAskAnyway - Offers PPC and affiliate programs. Initiative of the International Alliance of Web Developers.
bulletBoldSearch - Boldsearch provides Intelligent Search Results to Power Decision-making. A division of Internet Services Provider Telania, Inc. Provides premium and free listings for websites.
bulletBrainFox - Traditionally offers lower initial bid prices. - Results offer both exact-match and related-match search results for high relevancy.
bulletePilot - A pay-per-click search engine that has partnerships with NetZero, DogPile and InfoSpace.
bulletFindWhat - Search engine with results incorporated into Excite, Metacrawler and DogPile search results.
bulletgoClick - Targeted, high-volume website marketing. - A PPC search engine that is focusing on networking their search results into other sites and search engines. Provides feed to,, and Eggroll Junction.
bulletKanoodle - Distributes results to a large network of other search engines and search box providers.
bulletOverture - Open bidding on keywords and tight relevancy standards produce relevant results. Search results are filtered to exclude offending material. - Offers a category based search engine and advertising programs.
bullet7Search - A pay-for-placement search engine that allows advertisers to bid on keywords. - Offers pay-per-click advertising via their categorized search engine, as well as affiliate partner programs. - Offers pay per click advertising with real-time reporting. Requires a $5.00 minimum deposit, and adds $10 in BiddingCash to new accounts.
bulletSprinks - Bid on keyword searches through this owned property.
bulletTraffic Event - Pay per click solution with results appearing on WhatWeSeek, Just4Seniors, 1BigMess and many more popular search engines.
bulletValleyAlley - Searches appear on ValleyAlley, DogPile and - Pay-Per-Click search engine with a 1 cent minimum bid, $5.00 minimum deposit, offers NET30 credit terms, distributes results to additional search engines, and offers a multifaceted affiliate program.
bulletXuppa - Formerly Bay9 and Rocketlinks, they provide auctions, an online community and keyword placement bidding.

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