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bulletCompare Your Clicks - Resource allowing Webmasters to run live comparisons of keyword bid prices at multiple pay-per-click search engines. - Listing of pay per click search engines. Offers reviews, special PPC promotions, and general reference on the PPC industry.
bulletPay Per Click Analyst - Reviews of pay per click search engines.
bulletPay Per Click Bid - Offers pay per click search engine review, pricing, management software, keyword bid management tools and advertising costs information.
bulletPay Per Click Engines - News and discussion around the ppc scene for webmasters.
bulletPay Per Click Guide - Reviews the best and worst pay per click search engines on the Web. Includes web promotion tips.
bulletPay Per Click Guru - Compare pay per click search engines and other useful PPC tools. Browse information on various pay per click search engines, resources and tools.
bulletPay Per Click Search Engines Reviewed - Aims to review all sites that charge money for listing or ranking a site. - Listing of hundreds of pay per click search engines, reviews of bid management tools, scripts, and sites.
bulletSmarter Scripts - Offers scripts to help make websites more interactive. Offers Smart Search for building pay-per-click search engines, as well as other products for web promotion.
bulletUK Pay Per Click Search Engines - Reviews a few engines and examines how their syndicated partners display results.

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