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Dutch  (17)   Italian  (11)   Swedish  (6) -, free email, cloaking.
bulletClick-on - services.
bulletCool168 - Offers free redirect service. URL:
bulletCool Domains - Website domains in exchange for a small banner. URL:
bulletCyberLink.To/You - Providing redirection services with and .you addresses.
bulletCyberName - Free url redirection service offering many domain names. - Offers WWW forwarding and DNS-zones support. Includes forum, control panel, and FAQ. URL: - Free URL Redirection service.
bulletEasyURL - Services at addresses such as and
bulleteasyURL - Directory of free URL redirection and forwarding services. - Free URL redirection including free search engine submission, no advertising domains. - Free shorter URL and email address. URL: and
bulletGlobalRedirect - Free short url redirect address service in the form of
bullet2go -,,, services.
bulletGoSurfTo - URL redirection service gives members a free shorter easier to remember web site address. - Free subdomain forwarding. No ads and matching e-mail. Redirects - Some ads and possible fees. URL:
bulletHotRedirect - services. - Free web redirection. Includes unlimited sub domains, email address, cloaking, path forwarding, counters and no ads!
bulletInternetters - E-mail and domain name pointing service. - Provides free subdomain no advertisements. Supports optional URL cloaking, path forwarding.
bulletJaze Web Design - Offers several redirect domains on a fee basis or in exchange for ads. URL: - Redirection and email forwarding at,, , and others.
bulletJWDirect - 10+ domains and other services. - Free url and email redirection. Select from over 150 domain names.
bulletLinkWorld Redirection -, cloaking.
bulletMake A Shorter Link - Enables a long URL to be aliased to an automatically-generated shorter one. -, 5+ other domains. -,,, services.
bulletNeatURL - Offers free URL redirection and email forwarding based on a number of .as addresses. - Offers free URL redirection with no ads in the form of and
bulletNip.To - Banner in exchange for redirection. URL:
bulletOnTheWeb Services - Provide unlimited names like which point to your existing site. URL redirection, email forwarding, and statistics. -, cloaking, forwarding and meta tag services. - Provides free URL and email forwarding services. - Designed to simplify the process of sharing unwieldy and/or automatically-generated URLs, by providing a temporary alias in the form: - services. - Allows up to three redirects per account from a list of several domains.
bulletRSL Redirection - services. - Offers free URL redirection with traffic reports and no advertisements.
bulletSnipURL - Free URL redirection with no ads. - URL redirection service. URL: - Provides free URL redirection with no ads. - Provides free URL redirection: http// - Automatically redirects your domain to your existing business, country domain, personal or free website.
bulletV3 - Free URL forwarding and e-mail service.
bulletVDirect - Get your web and e-mail redirected for free.
bulletVirtual Explorer Net - Get a free 3rdlevel domain name -,,, ... .
bulletWebAlias Network - Free service offers both subdomain and subdirectory style addresses. - Provides free URL redirection in the form of
bulletWebmask -, free email. - services.
bulletX Redirect - services.
bulletXiY.NET - services. -,, free email.
bulletXRS.Net - and other services.
bulletZone Clans - Provides free URL redirection for clan pages in the form of - Get your own free URL redirection.

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