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bulletMore Than Screen Deep   - Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) of the National Research Council convened a steering committee to evaluate and suggest fruitful directions for progress in user interfaces to computing and communications systems. A very informative site.
bulletUsable Web   - Collection of links and accompanying information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web.

bulletAccessible Web - A guide to creating accessible web pages and downloadable documents. From the University of Newcastle, Australia.
bulletAgeLight Institute - Guidelines written for webmasters, communicators and marketers to assist with website design for maximum usability for seniors and older internet users.
bulletAlertbox - Jakob Nielsen's bi-weekly column on current issues in Web usability, focusing on simple and minimalist design based on real user needs.
bulletAlertbox : Top-10 Guidelines for Homepage Usability - Following key guidelines for homepage usability is well worth the investment.
bulletAll Things Web: The Usable Web - Tips and techniques for building reader-friendly Web pages. - The place to find out how to make your web site viewable, usable and informative for the majority of your visitors. Their web page viewer allows you to see your page as it might be seen by visitors with different browsers.
bulletArt and the Zen of Web Sites - Suggestions and guidelines for putting together a usable and attractive web site.
bulletBBC News - Web design 'causes confusion' - Web designers are not on the same wavelength as surfers when it comes to creating sites, says a US study.
bulletBuilding a Better Corporate Intranet - An extensive paper describing a recent redesign of MITRE Corporation, a Center for Air Force C2 Systems, corporate intranet to improve the system's usability.
bulletBusiness Benefits of Accessible Web Design - Describes the many business and technical benefits that are realised by applying the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to Web applications.
bulletComparison of Usability Evaluation Methods - A listing of the most popular methods for determining usability, including the advantages and disadvantages of each.
bulletConference on Usability Tools and Techniques - A summary from the conference sponsored by AT&T Labs. The goal is to develop software tools and techniques for evaluating the usability of web sites.
bulletDaily Blooper - Showcases examples of poor web interface design from real web sites. The aim is to teach good (user-centered) design by showing what not to do.
bulletDesign Considerations - Designing web sites for readers with visual impairments. General design principles and resources for additional information.
bulletDesign for Web Accessibility - Directed towards beginning web designers, site includes coding examples and general information for making a web site accessible to the disabled.
bulletDesigning a More Usable World - Trace Research and Development Center at the University of Wisconsin. Excellent guidelines for universal web design.
bulletDesigning Information-Abundant Web Sites - This article is extracted and adapted from Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction 3rd edn., Reading, MA: Addison Wesley (forthcoming). Longman Publishers, Copyright 1998.
bulletDesigning Usable Web Sites for the Disabled - Selection of links from AlaLA and Reference and Adult Services Round Table. Links to find information on tools, browser design, model accessible web sites and major ongoing programs addressing web site usability.
bulletDeveloperWorks: Usability - Offering tools needed to understand usability and accessibility issues. Includes materials that can help you create user-centered applications and gain insight into accessibility challenges.
bulletDigital Web Magazine - Article by Rick Cecil: Composition and Usability.
bulleteBSure - Offering a suite of usability and service level products targeted to improve eCommerce and eBusiness application effectiveness, and the Web design effort.
bulletE-Commerce Usability Research - Florian N. Egger, PhD Researcher at the IPO - Center for User-System Interaction, Eindhoven (NL). Research and Consulting in electronic commerce commerce usability and trust-shaping factors.
bulletEducorner - Online introductory course on Information Architecture, (making a website easy to use).
bulleteShopability - Provides design and usability information and advice on how to convert browsers into buyers and keep them, analysis and trends. Free fortnightly newsletter.
bulletFifth Conference on the Human Factors and the Web - A forum for sharing information among a community of human factors engineers, designers, and developers who are interested in producing web sites that are more useful and usable. Site contains proceedings of the most recent (3/Jun/1999) conference and archives of all previous conferences.
bulletFluff and Contenders, Revisited - A monthly web zine for professional web writers and editors who create content for the web. This archived article, April 1999, is a follow-up of the April 1998 "Cut the Fluff" in designing web sites and suggest not to "lose sight of usability and functionality".
bulletFrontend Usability InfoCentre - Intended to introduce the principles of usability engineering and provide resources and information for those involved in software and web design.
bulletGUI Bloopers - Presentation and promo of Jeff Johnson's book "GUI Bloopers". Covers problems with text, graphics, interactive dialog and web design.
bulletGuide to Usability for Software Engineers (GUSE) - Pages collected by the University of Maryland, Masters of Software Engineering. These guidelines will assist software engineers to create effective user interfaces.
bulletGVU: The Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center - Development of new technologies in graphics, usability and visualization.
bulletA Heuristic Evaluation of a World Wide Web Prototype - Experiment by the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS)finding a large number of usability problems that were identified and suggestions for correction.
bulletHome of the GUIguy® - GUI Design and Usability consulting for Windows applications and Web sites. Classes and seminars available emphasizing usability, GUI design, web site design.
bulletHTML Authoring Tools - Delorie Software provides a number of free services to the web community to assist web authors who wish to make their information available to the largest audience. These tools provide alternate ways of viewing your pages, so that you can ensure that your content is received properly by all viewers.
bulletHTML Style Issues - Alan Flavell discusses HTML usability and provides links to many style and usability sites.
bulletHuman Behavior and the Web Research Center - Research center with useful information on the interface between human behavior and new technology, especially the web.
bulletHuman Factors International - Web Usability Tips - These tips are provided to help you improve the interaction between humans and computers in your web design.
bulletIBM - Ease of Use - Resourcs for discovering user-centered design, guidelines, and technologies to help improve the total user experience for web-based products and services.
bulletImproving Web Site Usability and Appeal - Guidelines compiled by MSN Usability Research to provide designers and producers with ideas to increase the usability and appeal of Web sites.
bulletInternet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - Expanding web community by offering free tips and tutorials about HTML and DHTML, graphics editing, site promotion, digital photography, and desktop publishing. Presented often with a touch of humor, and always with examples.
bulletInternet Brothers: Layout and Design Fundamentals - Avoid common web page mistakes. Learn about proper alignment, coloring and typography, plus how to put your best foot forward when you have two left feet.
bulletJava Software Human Interface - Essential information about human interface design and usability for applications and applets written in the Java programming language.
bulletJavaScript and Web Site Usability - An Interview with JavaScript Guru, Mr. Danny Goodman on how JavaScript can make a web site easier to use.
bulletLynx Friendly - The key to being Lynx Friendly is to be consciously aware of the HTML which goes into creating a web page and to ensure that those using a non-graphical browser are not ignored.
bulletMacromedia - Flash : Usability - Usability tips, examples, test case, quotes, related articles and a Flash forum for site developers.
bulletMagnetic-Media - Web In Motion - A commentary on web usability, design, and direction aimed at the beginning web developer.
bulletMissinfom - Resources and links on web design and usability.
bulletNavigation 101 - A simple, understandable navigation scheme is a critical aspect of site design and has a direct effect on the bottom line.
bulletNuance Nine: Web Usability Services. - Provider of web usability testing and services.
bulletPrincipia Hypertextica: Introduction - A mathematics educator's view of web design. Encourages speed, accessibility, validity, and navigability. Discusses difficulties of math typesetting on the web.
bulletReadability Of Websites With Various Foreground/Background Color Combinations, Font Types And Word Styles - 1997 psychology research project by Alyson L. Hill at Stephen F. Austin State University. Participants scanned simulated websites for a target word; readability was inferred from reaction time.
bulletRoyal National Institute for the Blind: Hints for designing accessible websites - A guide to some of the basic issues to consider in order to create web pages which are accessible to everyone.
bulletSay What You Mean on the Web! - Content strategies for your e-business website; 50 ways to make your site easy to understand and use; free newsletter; regular reports on information design and usability for e-commerce; Los Angeles-based consultant with online services available.
bulletShoreWalker - Covers every area of good site design as well as what not to do. Steers you away from hype and towards more practical, user-friendly Web design. Based in Australia.
bulletSIGCHI World Wide Web Special Interest Area - WWWSIA is a subgroup of the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI). It focuses on the human factors of the World Wide Web.
bulletSomething 4 Nothing Web Pages - Tips for building pages which are visually pleasing, and yet still download quickly and make information easy to access. From
bulletStarling Access Services - Interesting definition of Accessible Web Design. For use by "anyone, any web browsing technology and any site". - Focuses on furthering the education of web related topics, including web design and navigation tips, advice and techniques.
bulletStickygoo - An educational and commentary site for anyone interested in the improvement of customer experience and usability on the Web.
bulletTheory - A weekly column by Adam Baker that discusses web usability, interface, and interaction design. Includes previous columns for review.
bullet100 Things to Do to Make a Better Site - List of several (actually, eight) ways to make a more user-friendly site. Also has other reader comments on the same topic.
bulletTowards a Model of Trust for E-Commerce System Design - A paper, by Florian N. Egger, presents a model of trust that informs the human-computer interaction (HCI) design of electronic commerce systems. - Monthly expert columns on web usability, interaction and web design.
bulletUsability by Design Ltd - Offering leading edge usability and design consultancy to the e-commerce, e-business and client server markets in Europe.
bulletUsability Engineering - "Designing for Ease Use", Article written by Corporate Solutions Consulting (UK)on usability engineering.
bulletUsability First - Diamond Bullet Design offers their experience and knowledge on website and software usability.
bulletUsability Lab at HHI - Usability support during all phases of the product life cycle. User requirements analyses, design studies, expert evaluations, Usability tests, consultancy. Located in Berlin, Germany.
bulletUsability Matters - From the Usability Matters Group at the Linköping University in Sweden. Their goal is to make computer systems more usable. The 1995 essay "Perspectives on Usability" by Jonas Löwgren is available for download in PDF format.
bulletUsability Must Die - Examines what's wrong with the usability movement, with some humour, and experiences from the coal face of software design.
bulletUsability News -Summer 2001 - Service division of the Human-Computer Lab of Wichita State University -Providing information on usability testing, UI design, and HCI research for organizations.
bulletUsability Professionals' Association - The UPA's purpose is to promote usability concepts and techniques worldwide. - Provided by the National Cancer Institute. Includes information and resources on making web sites and other user interfaces more useful, usable, and accessible. News and current publications and additional links are provided. - General usability information for creating functional websites.
bulletUsable Webs - Information on basic web usability principles, including hints on helping search engines find your site. Web usability assessments and content development are available. - Web design resources, Usableword newsletter, and web usability guidelines to make web sites faster, more educational, and usable. - Jakob Nielsen shares his thoughts on usability.
bulletUser Experience Invention - It is the art, architecture, and engineering of user-centered design and usability applied to craft the interface between customer and product. Information from Christopher Koch, User Interface Architect, Eastman Kodak Company.
bulletUser Interface Design - Software Design Smorgasbord - A comprehensive resource page on UI Design, maintained by Craig Marion, the webmaster of Chester County Internet Services.
bulletUser Interface Engineering -- Web Site Usability Book - Spool, Jared. Excerpted from book, "Web Site Usability: A Designer's Guide". Useful links, articles and resources.
bulletUSINACTS Web Space: The World of Usability - The how-to of usability evaluation and user-centered design. Usability issue information available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.
bulletThe WDVL: Designing Attractive Web Pages - Before you can design avant-garde Web pages, you have to know what the rules are before you try to break, bend or amend them.
bulletWDVL: Usability Testing in Practice - Reveals one company's usability testing practices and procesures.
bulletWeb Accessibility Initiative - An initiative by the World Wide Web Consortium to advise web content authors, user agent authors and authoring tools authors how to create accessible content and applications.
bulletWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - W3 Consortium publication.
bulletWeb Development - A summary of the complete life cycle of web development: planning, analysis, design, implementation, and promotion. Key practices and online resources are given for each process. By John December, author of numerous material for web development methodology.
bulletWeb Pages That Suck - Learn good web page design by looking at bad web pages.
bulletWeb Solutions - Designs and produces web sites, based in Hong Kong.
bulletWeb Usability - International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. Special issue of WWW Usability arising from a symposium entitled "The Missing Link: Hypermedia Usability Research and The Web".
bulletWeb Usability Findings - Compilation of surveys of web usability engineering and test results.
bulletWEBehavior - A behavioral research, usability testing, and customer experience evaluation firm.
bulletWebMetric Tools - Good usability is vital to the success of any web site. This site has downloadable sets of web evaluation tools to assist in analysis of a web page based on numerous usability guidelines. Registration is required (free). - Web Strategists - Features articles by leading practitioners in user-centered design for the Web.
bulletWebWord Usability Consulting - Usability and human factors for the Internet. Including book list, expert articles articles and interviews, recommended Web sites.
bulletYale C/AIM Web Style Guide - 2nd edition. A style manual for the design of Web pages and Web sites. Covers graphic and information design, page layout, Web graphics, site organization, navigation, and Web multimedia content. The style guide is freely available for downloading and mirroring. Authors: Patrick J. Lynch, Yale University, and Sarah Horton, Dartmouth College. - Study: Design lacking in e-tail sites - The design of some of the leading online stores is mediocre at best, but, according to a new study, it is improving. (June 3, 2002) - Analysis: Web sites are locking out the disabled - Office buildings have wheelchair ramps and TV has closed captioning, but many Web sites are inaccessible to people with disabilities. Things don't have to be that way. Dated August 7, 2000. (August 7, 2000)
bulletUser-Friendly Web Sites for All Ages, Microsoft PressPass - Guidelines for businesses, developers and web designers on how to make their web sites more user-friendly and accessable for the adult community. A white paper issued by Microsoft, "Effective Web Design Considerations for Older Adults." is available for download. (May 12, 1999)
bulletBuilding a Better Interface - To help bring you up to speed on the current state of the art in Web site usability, Dan Shafer interviewed three of the smartest people on the subject: Jakob Nielsen, David Kleinberg, and Jared Spool. For good measure, he throws in his own thoughts on the topic. (June 23, 1998)
bulletThe Scent of Information - The reason why so many people lose their way on the Web, according to usability expert Jared Spool, is because they lose the scent of the information they are looking for. Jared shares his thoughts and perspectives on the Web, usability, and the user's quest for information. (May 15, 1998) A primer for a good Web page - Users want indicators of how good (e.e., current, accurate, credible) the page's information is. (March 29, 1998)
bullet7 Debilitating Diseases of Business Websites - Illnesses make websites inefficient. The cures, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson:Web Marketing Today, Issue 41, February 1, 1998. (February 1, 1998)
bulletSeven Deadly Web Site Sins - And Why You Must Avoid Them at All Costs by Jesse Berst, Editorial Director, ZDNet AnchorDesk. (January 30, 1998)
bulletUsability Testing of Advanced Web Concepts - Case study of usability. A sidebar to Jakob Nielsen's article on Sun's new Web design. (January 13, 1998)

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