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bulletAaddzz - A performance based advertising network. Features include pay per click, banner targeting and real time reporting.
bulletAdviva - Online advertising solutions for both web hosts and advertisers, based on the cost per click model.
bulletBClick - Banner advertising network where the advertisers pay on a per click basis instead of cost per impressions. - Pay per click program for casino sites.
bulletDirect Clicks - Offers a do-it-yourself cost per click advertising network. Track referral and affiliate programs, pay per leads, CPA, and CPM campaigns.
bulletEspotting Media - European pay-per-click advertising network.
bulletFree Advertising For Small and Medium Sized Websites. - You submit manually and get free PPC Advertising and Cheap Marketing For Web Sites on 450+ engines, or auto submit for $20.
bulletLookSmart - Pay Per Click Small Business Listings - Purchase Website traffic with cost per action advertising. This Website promotion company eliminates PPC management by offering search engine submission services.
bulletMarketplace for Internet Advertising Inventory - Advertising Inventory is a marketplace for buying and selling Internet advertising including pay-per-click banners, buttons, pop-ups, pop-unders, text links and opt-in solo mailings. - Prepaid, pay-per-click-through banner advertising. Pay Per Click Advertising - offers pay per click services to enhance web promotion in PPC search engines. - Offers internet marketing, web site promotion and an instant $4,000 in free advertising bid credits and targeted traffic to advertisers web site from over 160 pay per click search engines.
bulletRevenuePilot - Pay-per-click search network.
bulletReystar Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising - Offers affordable and effective pay-per-click advertising. Also offers a free web promotion system.
bulletValueClick, Inc. - Provides Internet advertising solutions for publishers of Web sites and online advertisers, focusing on performance-based Internet advertising solution known as cost-per-click.

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